Editorial photos don’t have any model or property releases. This is the reason they can’t be used for commercial, promotional, advertorial or endorsement purposes.

These are usually images of photojournalist nature where the portrayal of a real situation is important and are usually used in connection to portray news, real events, places or locations that have a newsworthy interest (they are used in newspapers, magazine articles, textbooks, blogs, etc.

As no release has been obtained for the recognizable models in the image, those pictures or videos cannot be used in promotion, advertising or product endorsements as not permission by those models or property owners have been secured.

On the website adding those image to the cart for licensing has the Wording Royalty Free ONLY FOR EDITORIAL USE and have a different license agreement when purchasing the regular Royalty Free image.

The moment you license such image, you agree to those license terms and not to use the image in ways that are not authorized by the agreement.