Refund and Returns Policy

As a general rule, does offer 14 days for you to evaluate the file and if you are not satisfied you can ask for a refund IF:

1- You have not used the file in any way (nor personal use or commercial use)

2- You will destroy the downloaded file and any copy you have made after receiving the refund.

In case your file delivery got corrupted or damaged in any way, we can provide you with an alternative download option, so you can have the problem solved.

Remember that we provide historical images. Many of those were taken many years ago with cameras that didn’t enjoy the perfection and cleanliness of files of nowadays digital cameras. We clean up many defects digitally, but not everything is touched up because it would compromise the information integrity of the file, or it would take out the character of the time it was taken if we would restore those to perfection. So some dust ,scratches, light leaks might be present in the downloaded files.

Contact us at {email} for questions related to refunds and returns.