A Rights Managed Licensed also known as RM is a clearance to use a creative asset in a determined way specified in the license agreement. Those usages are usually limited in time and scope of the image use. The license details explain the boundaries and limitations of those uses granted: medium to be used, period of time, print run, placement, industry where it will be used, size of content, and territory selected.

Although Rights Managed licenses can be very detailed and specific in their use, historicalimages.net has simplified a lot of the allowed usages in only a few categories so that there is a much broader range of allowed uses in each of the licenses granted.

This is different of Royalty Free or RF uses where there in no time limit and the usages are usually broader, although there are also extended licenses and forbidden usages on those type of licensing models too.

The RM LICENSE AGREEMENT grants you the right to use the visual work (video, image, illustration, etc.) in different type of projects depending on the type of use granted in the license ( this can range from personal uses to editorial or commercial ones).

RM licenses specify the range and usages that the license grants for the downloaded images: editorial, advertising, publications websites, blogs, presentations, video, etc, ….

The usage is time limited, and it is specified in the license granted by historicalimages.net

There are some other limitations of the permitted uses that are well explained in the RM LICENSE AGREEMENT.